Cork Street Report

The Liberties is one of the earliest settlements in Dublin. After a lengthy period of dereliction and decay, Cork Street –a prominent street in the area with communities and businesses going back generations, went through large-scale redevelopment in the 2000s. During this time, 1,000 new homes were built and 20,000sq metres commercial and community spaces were developed. The aim of Dublin City Council planners was to create a ‘lively people-friendly city street.’ However, at 23 metres, the width of the roadway was a challenge to this plan.

On attending a presentation by Dublin City Council planners, Dunne felt that there was a noticeable silence from the local community –the most important stakeholder in this project. Dunne decided to create a performative vox-populi video, speaking to local traders and residents. This video generated an open discussion conversation about the redevelopment plans. While many were positive about the development and happy with national investment in the area, they felt excluded from the process. Others were concerned about the lack of green space in the plans, which is still an ongoing issue today.